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Cradle U Therapy Ranch

Nancy A. Upshaw

Executive Director

405 Maji Road  ē  Whitehouse, Texas 75791

Telephone No. 903.740.2509 

Email: ContactUs@CradleUTherapyRanch.org


About Us


In 2012 Nancy Upshaw received confirmation that her oldest daughter was diagnosed with Aspergerís. She began researching everything she could find about Aspergerís and Autism and immediately saw the benefits of horses used in Hippotherapy during her daughterís growth and development.


After two years of study, practical application, and certification in Hippotherapy and Therapeutic Riding, Nancy Upshaw again found the wonderful benefits of horses personally in Therapeutic Riding as she learned to manage her journey through the symptoms of PTSD.

It has become a driving force and her lifeís goal to spread the wealth of therapy for all. That is why, in 2014, Nancy Upshaw, in the role as Executive Director, formed Cradle U Therapy Ranch as a 501(c)3 non-profit public charity. The ranch is dedicated to helping children and adults with special needs, at-risk teens, wounded warriors, those struggling with PTSD, and anyone desiring to better their life through hippotherapy or therapeutic riding."





Rachel and Rayleigh with Follie

Rachel Upshaw and her Idol Temple Grandin


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